About Us

Unlock Memorable Travel Experiences When You Choose YouRent

We’ve taken the comfort and privacy of residence living and combined it with the amenities and convenience typically offered by hotels to create the perfect solution for short-term rentals. Our inventory, an exclusive portfolio of luxury multi-family vacation properties in leading U.S. destinations, are strategically located near major urban cores in proximity to main attractions, yet offer unparalleled value.

Where YouRent differs from other platforms, is in our acquisition and management of our own inventory. Each property undergoes a stringent qualifying process to ensure specific aesthetic and operational standards are met. This allows us to offer a standardized, reliable lodging experience, similar to that of a hotel, that provides the finest properties, interior design offerings and personalized, on-site services for both vacation and business travelers.

Our highly-trained management and around-the-clock concierge services in each market allow us to consistently curate and deliver to guests a superior experience of vacationing like a local.

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