“I had a wonderful experience here. The hospitality was just out of this world. I have been to many great resorts, but this one has to stand out from all of them. The most amazing food that I could find, and the most beautiful resort in the whole South of Florida. The price is very fair in comparison to what you get for your money. Very near to Miami Beach. So you can go to a lot of interesting places and I had very little time to go. Our room was always well cleaned. Nice and friendly people.”

S.Clair,The Alexander


“I have a big family whenever we travel, so booking a hotel is never convenient for us and finding a complete house for rent just for a small vacation can be hard to achieve, but after searching over the internet, I came across this location. The place is heavily equipped and has whatever you need and can ask for, when traveling with a large group. The decorations seem to be new and the kitchen remodeled – perk! The kitchen has a dishwasher and a laundry room too! Great experience!”

C.Nisch,The Beverly


“I love love love The Netherlands. Ocean drive can be a madhouse and this hotel is located just before the madness making it my favorite spot! I’ve rented with this company in Nashville so when I found out they had a private location at The Netherlands I booked my trip almost a full year in advance. Their two story townhome was huge, large kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. The stairs to the below bedroom were a little steep so if you have elderly guests with your group have them stay in the master or the guest bedroom on the first floor.”

J.Schauma,The Netherlands


“I stayed here for a two week business expo at the convention center. Great location, great apartment. This isn’t a hotel, if you want valet service, room service, spa treatments this isn’t your pick. If you want quiet, private, centrally located and bang for your buck, this is! A little ‘white’ for me in the decor of the place but I didn’t mind, proved it was clean. I ask for extra towels and the sofa to be made upon arrival and it was – great way to start the business trip stress free.”

C.Linden,The Beverly


“This is a place for the ages. I must say, everything is so well organized here. We arrived at the pine street at around 8 in the evening, so we didn’t get to see much at that time. So we went to our rooms and just went to sleep cause we were really exhausted from the flight we had. The bed was super comfortable and seemed to be very clean. I got up with the sun light in my face which felt really good. I woke up and started to explore all around and felt really great about staying here..”

C.Ortega,Pine street Apartments


“Top-notch furniture and very well set. Gives you like a home feeling which is really important when you’re away from home. The views of Nashville from the window was out of this world. I never thought that Nashville could actually look so good. I didn’t think that this place would have a Large Walk-In Closets but it did, I was able to place all my stuff there as we had planned to stay for a week. I had one of my greatest vacations staying here, that I can say for sure. :)”

J.Briggs,Park Central Apartments


“I have been to Nashville a couple of times before, but I have always felt that something has been missing. I enjoy the views and the sights here, but never got that 100% vacation feeling for some reason. I booked this place, it clamed to have the cities views and a pool. I am not an expert, but its kind of really hard to find such a place to stay in Nashville with those 2 qualities, so i was like, lets give it a try. My family is always on the move with me, so its great to have them along. We all reached here in the afternoon, so got the first hand view of the place, which felt really AMAZING. Everything in order and kept clean and spotless. I am sure the owners pay extra attention to keep there properties clean, I was surprised to have seen everything that they had claimed to provide. The evening views of the city are really awesome. Makes you feeling like getting up and enjoying. The place is really well set with a superb kitchen and a laundry area. I must say, this place which we stayed in is just like heaven.”

J.Maurer,500 5th


“This trip was out of this world. I had so much fun and not to mention, a well deserved vacation. I had been working a year long and was getting a bit stressed out. I had planned on going to a vacation where I could enjoy the sun, beach and have some great food to eat. The location was so on point that I felt that I wasn’t missing a beat. I went to the beach everyday and enjoyed the water and made sure to enjoy every single bit of the place where I stayed. I am so happy I did this. I feel like a new person again’

M.Loo,Lincoln Road Suits


“Beautiful Place I enjoyed my stay here. Everthing was clean and neat . I love the kitchen and will come again soon. Thank you!”

L.Caldwell,The Cole


“The place was bigger than I expected, clean and comfortable. We enjoyed our stay. Expectations were met.”

S.Wallace,The Alexander


“Perfect place for families. Everything worked out smoothly. Thanks for having us. I wanted to stay forever! The whole apartment is very fancy and the location is amazing! Next time I go back to Nashville I’m renting this place for much longer.”

J.Briggs,Park Central Apartments


“I WAS AMAZED!! The apartment is really nice, everything is clean and it makes you feel at home. There are many great restaurants around the property and so much to do! I will definitely be back and plan my stay for longer!”

E.Duncan,Lincoln Road Suits


“Everyone was so helpful, the check in was fast and easy and they even gave us tips on where to eat. I am truly impressed with your staff.”

M.Orton,Printer`s Alley


“Nashville is awesome! I fell in love with this city. Now I know why they call it Music city, there is just so much to do. Renting an apartment like this one is just so much better, makes you feel like if you have a house in another city. Thank you everyone that was involved with my reservation!”

A.Hoffman,Pine street Apartments


“My friends and I stayed here for four night and we had an amazing time. The rooms were great the price was fair and the service was awesome. I am a happy camper. I have to thank my friend for recommending me this place. The unit is incredibly nice, the decoration is amazing, the rooms are very nice and clean and the service provided by the staff was very professional. I was just steps from the beach and everyday the weather is fantastic. I can’t imagine staying anywhere else when I go visit Miami, I really enjoyed every minute of my vacation.”

L.Hansel, Casa Grande Suits


“OMG what an amazing vacation. I love it so much I can’t wait to visit again. Best vacation ever. I want to spend my honeymoon here lol. We can’t wait to do it all over again. The W is the best ever.”

F.Abbott,The W


“Enormous place I loved the decoration very chic. Each room was decorated in a different color scheme which gave the rooms a fun appeal. We had internet access which is always a bonus in my eyes, I’m a workaholic so this pleased me very very much. Overall we were satisfied with everything. We flew in and everything was ready for us when we arrived. I love going to Nashville, I’ve gone almost every year since I was little and stayed in different locations every time. On this occasion I went with my friends and we really enjoyed this property. It had plenty of space for all of us and is very convenient to have a full kitchen and all the appliances in the unit. I would recommend everyone that is planning on traveling to Nashville to rent this unit, really convenient.”

J.Baker,Church street


“Amazing! I went with a group of friends and enjoyed every minute we were there. The unit is
very comfortable and the location can’t be better! Nashville is an amazing city and I just can’t
wait to be back!”

A.Macar, Park Central Apartments


“Awesome staff. Ridiculous location. Clean/Modern Rooms. The staff was immediately helpful when we booked as you aren’t guaranteed a double if you need it…we needed one and called and they made a note and made it so. When arriving, it was all fantastic….great rooms. Perfect walking distance from everything.”

M.Mervins,Lincoln Road Suits


“My family is beyond picky…. I choose the Alexander every year so I do not have to listen to it! This hotel is old but fabulously Miami. The balcony over looked The Bay as well as The Atlantic – waking up in the am before everyone else with my coffee in one hand sitting on the balcony was my daily perfect five mins of vacation!!!”

H.Waters,The Alexander


“I feel silly for not renting privately before… my husband will never let me stay in a hotel again unless we rent private. This place is like it’s own RESORT in South Beach from the shopping, restaurants, bars, pool, and full service spa amenities I felt literally like I was on a cruise to the Bahamas for half the price! I loved my condo; size and view were amazing!

E.Hood,The Alexander


Very professional management staff that I felt compelled to recommend. They know how to take care of a customer from start to finish; can’t find that much these days!!! Honestly, Nashville was a spur of the moment trip and I can’t wait to go back to visit; I had no idea of all there was to do and see. The apartment had a homey type feel decorated perfectly – like made it easy to lose track of what day it was…. I wasn’t ready to leave perfect!”

H.Hanson, Printer’s Alley Apartments


“Great apartment in the heart of Collins Ave. Centered on Collins Ave made it super easy to get to everything – loved the building. Didn’t feel like a stuffy hotel, i felt like a local and loved it! I was very impressed with this Place. The rooms were clean and spacious. Nashville is a very beautiful city.There is so much to do, so many places to eat and good music at the local bars. I enjoyed my stay.”

B.Storm,Church street


“This unit is beautiful and the entire place is very neat. I had a great vacation, there was more than enough space for all of us to relax and enjoy our time in Nashville. By far one of the best locations to stay in Nashville. The entire unit is amazing! The rooms are very big and the bathrooms were very nice and clean as well. Next time I’m in Nashville I will definitely book here again.”

G.Moure,Pine street Apartments


“I would recommend everyone to stay here if they are visiting Nashville, its is just amazing. The rooms are fantastic and everything is really clean. The location is great, the pool and the hot tub is very relaxing.”

E.Portscan, Park Central Apartments


“I must say I’m quite smitten with Nashville. The space was great very cozy and comfortable. The resident manager was the friendliest I’ve ever dealt with – made my stay wonderful and it is appreciated!”

R.Chavez, Villas By YouRent


“OMG!!!!!! I love love love this place. Spacious is an understatement. I want to live here. Great view, Great place. We had a great time.”

S.O’brien,The Beverly


“Absolutely breathtaking. Very modern decoration. Huge Kitchen as well. The bedrooms were equipped with very comfy beds. Everything was spotless. Thanks again. Well done. I was truly satisfied with my stay. The room was great beds were comfy, food was amazing and Nashville is really an amazing city.”

T.Tamas,Village at The Vanderbilt


“What a lovely place. The rooms were big with soft beds even the sofa bed was very comfortable. The kitchen has everything one might need and it comes in handy when you are on a budget hehe. The pool in the building is great, my kids went for a swim a few times and they really enjoyed it. The building itself is very secure and the neighborhood as well. I definitely recommend this place.”

S.Craver , Rio Grande


“Simply amazing!!! Perfectly accommodated our small group of 7. WI-Fi was available. there was tons to do. I had a fantastic time.”

N.Jamison,Village at The Vanderbilt


“The beach, sun and the warm sand to relax is the best reason why I came here. The weather really makes you want to stay here. I came from Ohio and the weather in Ohio is always windy and rainy so getting sun light and getting enjoy the beach was a big plus in this vacation. I just wanted to stay in the beach and get all the tan i could get.. I was really pleased by the room service, they came as soon as I called and were never late.. Great place guys… You guys have been great.”

J.Heidrich, Casa Grande Suits


“A family vacation which we enjoyed the most. Me and my husband wanted to come here for months and when we finally made it, I was so excited. We reached here in the Afternoon, so i was the perfect time to enjoy the pool and have some great seafood which was made fresh to order and not like some other places where we stayed 🙂 The staff was pretty friendly and made us feel like home which was the best part. I couldn’t ask for anything more…”

Y.Willis,Pine street Apartments


“Went for a four day break with friends, this hotel was centrally located. The South Beach were very clean and tidy and the staff were really helpful. Importantly it was also very quiet considering how central you are. An ideal location to explore Miami from.”

S.Ortega,The Netherlands


“Me and my family really enjoyed the stay at this location, last year we stayed on a different location and it was just too fussy/busy for me and my family, which ended the vacation in disaster. This year we got the Beachfront. This has been on of the most amazing experience for us thus far.. The view is spectacular and I am so sure that we are coming back.”

L.Caldwell,Casa Grande Suits


“Me, my wife and two teenage kids stayed here for 4 days in February. We picked this place mostly because of the location directly in front of beach, Ocean Drive center! The shopping, the restaurants on the streets fronts and of course the DRINKS. This is really not a hotel but more like a Condo with a kitchen, wardrobes, and a THREE Queensize beds. Ocean Drive can be noisey – but we expected that.”

L.Moody,Casa Grande Suits


“My wife does a lot of research when we ever have to go for a vacation. The destination has to be just perfect, the Hotel as well. What I look for is a good beach and places to eat – I am easy. What she demands is good places to shop and spa locations, typical! This location, hotel, trip, etc was perfect for the both of us… Home RUN! We had everything we needed at our finger tips as well as a personal concierge on call 24/7; just what we asked for.”

J.Briggs,The Alexander


“Location and space of the apartment was superb! Our host kept in touch with us guiding every step as we arrived, to get inside our room. We were on a bachelorette party, so it was 6 women staying in one place, having 3 bathrooms helped a lot. Kitchen and furniture very practical, spacious and well kept. Cherry on top: balcony, straight view to ocean drive, the beach and a crossfit yard on the beach. The best!”

G.Delvalle,Casa Grande Suits


“10 out of 10! We really enjoyed our stay. Everything was beautiful! The unit had a great design and it was in a prime location.”

M.Fleming,The Beverly


“Each time I visit this playground of prestige. You made my vacation. Thank you so much. Is 100% worth it! Don’t think it twice. Great to come with friends or even with your plus 1! Everything is digital, so there’s no “front desk.” You’re emailed your digital key, and you enter you room when it is ready. It was actually really cool. This place has a lovely vibe, and the decor is adorable.”

C.Keller, Pine street Apartments


“LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. The Apt was in a fabulous location in the Gulch. Walk out the door and your right in the neighborhood. $5.00 ride to broadway. Why go to an hotel if you can feel HOME in a place like this. The location is great, it has the cutest bars and restaurants around.”

G.Moffit,Pine street Apartments